Jayne was extremely helpful in helping my husband and I navigate through Medicare and the Affordable Care Act. I highly recommend this agency.   
- Sheryl R.


 I have been a client of Jayne Klein’s for 5 years. She is very knowledgeable within the insurance industry. She takes care to not only offer the best service possible but the best rates possible for your circumstances. I had open heart surgery a year ago. Jayne not only stayed on top of my billing but she handled the calls to the insurance company concerning any questions about billing. My daughter is in the insurance business & had Jayne in one of her classes. She stated that Jayne is one of the best in the industry & I agree. If your like me, most of us don’t know much about the insurance business. Jayne helps us cross that bridge with her knowledgeable, courteous & caring service. She is very reliable and personable. I’m proud to call Jayne Klein my insurance agent.   
- R.L., IA


 Jayne Klein is saving me alone about $65 a month on an Aetna med supp. She is also saving my wife a substantial amount. My previous Plan G had just increased to almost $200 a month. I got the exact same coverage from Jayne for $135 a month. On top of saving us money she is very knowledgeable in the health insurance field. If you are looking for health insurance give her a try.   
- Keith A. from Council Bluffs, IA


 One of my life-long friend's sister provided me Jayne’s name and number, referring me to her for my mother’s Medicare insurance and prescription questions. Jayne continues to impress both me and my mother (now for a couple of years), as she is very knowledgeable about Medicare insurance, supplemental insurance and prescription drug coverage - and Jayne is always so willing to help. Jayne comes to us, driving from IA to Elkhorn NE, to make it the most convenient for helping my mother and I with our questions or concerns. The first thing my mom said when I asked her to provide her thoughts on Jayne is “She is so knowledgeable and helpful. I never feel rushed when I talk to her and she makes me feel at ease. I’ve always been most impressed by how she genuinely takes the time to listen and help”. In the ever-changing world of medicare, insurance and prescription coverage, she helps us understand mom’s coverage, cost, and the best solution to meet her needs. Many times, Jayne initiates the calls and effort to support getting our answers since she best understands how to ask the questions and how to interpret the answers. She has continuously supported mom's Medicare, supplemental health insurance and prescription needs. Jayne is a warm, caring professional with amazing customer service skills. We can’t say enough about Jayne and highly recommend her!!!  
- Laurie H. (Daughter and POA)
- Marlys P. (Medicare beneficiary and client)


 Jayne is a caring and incredibly knowledgeable professional who does the right thing for her clients.   
- TLS, Boulder, CO